I’m Moving URLs soon!


Hi! Just a heads up so no one is surprised: I’m moving URLs soon, and eventually I would also like to leave behind this blog altogether (like, creating a new Tumblr account from scratch). That’s why my URL ends with “for-now” and my old URL is currently a blank blog.

If you already follow me, then you should automatically be following the URL glossophiliqueer-for-now. Nothing has really changed for those of you.

However once I announce my new blog(s), please unfollow this one, as it will not be connected to the same account and I will password-protect this account. I will give fair warning, but, until then go ahead and just follow this blog like normal. Eventually I will probably block leftover followers on this blog after I’ve been moved for awhile, but, again, don’t worry about that yet.

More info coming soooon

Thank you! (: