Ally is a title bestowed, not a title claimed. If someone says you’re hurting them, and you reply, “but I’m an ally” then you’re not an ally. You’re an abuser.

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pros: cons

cons: pros

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Anonymous said: In the Bible God is referred to as "He" so i think it does matter what you call him





who are you to dictate how a person sees their God?

if they talk to God and have a relationship with God and they talk to God using the pronoun She, who are you to think that you know anything about their relationship? 

and why do you care? why are you so pressed about how other people see God? i use He, you can use He, but you don’t get to tell other people what’s right or wrong about how someone sees or talks to God.

please, stay in your lane

Also I imagine God being genderless

many people feel this way, because God isn’t a human so you can’t really box God in. i just see Him as my heavenly father. but it totally makes sense to see Him as genderless. it’s about you and God. you could refer to Him as “fish fish” if that’s how you relate for all i care. no one has the right to tell you how to connect with God

um yeah God doesn’t exactly have a single defined gender so to speak, there is no set gender for God because God exists beyond a societal context where gender is assigned and interpreted, the sense of a “gender” for God is just an artificial construction that comes from our commentary or the languages we use. In Hebrew, some pronouns referring to God are masculine and some are feminine (they’re assigned pretty arbitrarily) and most of the time when the masculine is used because the name in question is meant to evoke a certain “attribute” that is itself a masculine word (because Hebrew words are arbitrarily gendered). That this became a definitive “He” is the product of translators and commentators that looked at it from their patriarchal point of view. It doesn’t reflect an ~actual~ gender of God, God doesn’t have a gender, God is conceived of as having a number of genders, but to say that God is any one “gender” all the time would be totally incompatible with at least a Jewish understanding of what/who God is.

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They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker

!!!!! So here for this!




They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker

!!!!! So here for this!

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mmm I don’t think some folks realize that when people speak up against dudes like john green and macklemore, we’re not really hating on them, but really hating against the systems that put men like them as the face of something (whether it be ya lit, rap, activism) b/c it sends the message that straight white dudes are the only ones doing formative things in these fields, which is totally not the case so

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nicki and ciara going shopping as sims

This still goes hord

oh my GOD oh gmg god

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#but everything changed when the fire nation got fabulous

More like



#but everything changed when the fire nation got fabulousimage

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i got it from my mama

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i tried being heterosexual once and i learned my lesson so here i am

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okay I’m sorry but wtf, Sugilite had so much potential. Nicki Minaj is the most brilliant choice to voice a combination of Garnet and Amethyst, that was so so good?? and that design had some great things, like the anime triangle sunglasses is a fabulous mash up of Garnet’s coolness and Amethyst’s rogueness, but then… I expected them to look really fabulous like Opal was and then they weren’t?

They looked like a brutish gorilla and I think Amethyst’s “Purple Puma” design was dominating that a little too hard? I mean with them both being the black-coded ladies this just looks so awful. D: like why did Garnet’s curves disappear, I feel like Amethyst + Garnet body would be so good and they just missed the opportunity. When Opal happened it was like a wonderful doubling of Amethyst and Pearl’s strengths and emphasized their compatibility with the right circumstances, but then Garnet and Amethyst fusing was this apparently-supposed-to-be-amusing/embarrassing dance and it was no difficulty at all (even though I find it hard to believe that Garnet and Amethyst are really similar at all, at least not so drastically easier than Amethyst and Pearl’s dynamics??)

Idk that dance of gem fusion, as great as it was out of context, just didn’t look so great in the context of Pearl covering Steven’s eyes. Some of it was like yes and some of it felt like it was reducing and lazy. I’m not sure, I’m white, so my perspective is different, but to me it seemed like it wasn’t respectful or praising of black bodies? it was like making a joke? esp. thinking back to Amethyst dancing with Pearl…

but my major thing: since when is gem fusion about swagger-like power-up that messes up their brain and not a fusion of their best qualities ugghhh. I do not like this idea that Amethyst is just this non-stop wildness, like, that’s obviously her personality but I do not accept that that’s all she is? and her regretting her carelessness and brash behavior at the end does not count as rounding who she is out.. like… ugh.

Garnet should bring more to the table in general if they’re going to fuse. She’s already presented as this mysterious and stoic character, I don’t like thinking about her getting all brainless from that meat beat video game from that one episode, like, I think we could have seen her overpower Amethyst easily, since she obviously has more wisdom, so I think more influence from Garnet’s side into the design, and more revealing her complexity, would have been cooler? Plus if her flaw is losing control to things like Meat Beat, Amethyst’s side could be about keeping cool and level-headed (strange to think considering her belligerent stuff, but honestly I think Amethyst is pretty clever with her teasing and stuff too and that needs recognition). They have plenty that they could both use to bring out the best in one another, and I ended up not getting to see like any of that!

Opal was this awe-inspiring beauty, protective, wise… and then Sugilite was what? Just really big??? why? why? what the heck. Pearl is not what she was cracked up to be, she has flaws, and if those can work out well in Opal, why was Sugilite like a trade of raw power for enhanced flaws. why. ugh.

And Nicki Minaj. that could have been so much better. They frickin had Nicki.

I just want to draw what I think Sugilite should have been now, haha, maybe I will.

Steven Universe “Coach Steven” is gross


Steven Universe keeps up being as ew as it began?

*This total preference creator-pet-like role Pearl gets, the only can-be-read-as-white gem.
*Should I feel for Pearl because she wants literally ALL Steven’s admiration to herself instead of ALL OF THEM?
*Is this the whole voice role of Nicki Minaj we got excited over? Pathetic.
*The fact that two black-coded characters together form a beast, a gorilla-like being. A double black body is a beast in appearance and mind. Grace and intelligence is added by a white-coded body.
*The fact this white-coded gem beats up the double black women gem because brains is better than brawl? You had to dismiss brawl as a weaker strength instead of a different strength? So elitists nerds can feel better?
*Both the black bodies lie there, beat up by mighty-whity and she celebrates much to their pain and annoyance and Garnet said they deserve it because they were wrong. Fuck off.

I am not even beginning about how they keep destroying their cultural heritage without making anyone, even themselves, care one bit. What a mess of writing.

This is a gross show and I hate you all for acting like it is WOC-positivy and ignoring at least the colorism going on, for acting like it is cute, for acting like it is any good. Why are you all usually so good at seeing stuff like this but now leave me hurt after promising me nice things?

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